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HOW TO GET A CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCES ACQUIRED THROUGH VOLUNTEERING - Guide for volunteer hosting organizations and volunteers

Issuing a Certificate of Competences Acquired Through Volunteering in practice and monitoring competences is a combined process of self-assessment of volunteers and the volunteer hosting organisation. The way of monitoring the acquisition of competencies depends on the agreement between the volunteer hosting organisation and the volunteers and the type of volunteer positions. It may include a variety of monitoring techniques such as regular meetings, assessment and analysis of the results of volunteer tasks and works, feedback on the engagement of volunteers from other volunteers, employees and users, etc.

Making a Certificate of Competences Acquired Through Volunteering takes place in four basic steps:

Step 1

when arranging volunteer work as a volunteer at the beginning of volunteering you point out to the volunteer organizer that you prefer to be issued a certificate, with clear guidance purposes for which the certificate will be used.

Step 2

in cooperation with the volunteer coordinator on the basis of the description of volunteer position you define the knowledge and skills (including "soft" skills), and the responsibilities that you will have the opportunity to develop / improve during volunteering.

Step 3

volunteer coordinator introduces you to the way you will be provided support during volunteering and means of monitoring volunteer engagement in order to secure recognition of acquired knowledge, skills and abilities in the context of individual competence.

Step 4

after the completion of volunteering on the basis of all the data collected the volunteer coordinator with you fills in the certificate of competence acquired through volunteering.

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